40 is the new 50

In a residential community where people walk, cycle and kids play, 50k is too fast.  The fact that when I person is struck by a car travelling 50km an hour has only a 50% chance of survival, and little if any chance of walking away without serious injury, we need to rethink how we view traffic on residential streets.  No fatality is acceptable, especially if it is someone you know.  Read articles posted on this website or elsewhere and determine for yourself.  It is physics, and it is irrefutable. Slow down – save lives.

A report published by the United States Department of Transportation in October of 1999, stated that its findings were similar to what was determined by a UK report, which are as follows:

• 20 mph (32 km per hour) impact speeds: 5 percent death, 65 percent injured, and 30 percent uninjured
• 30 mph (48 km per hour) impact speeds: 45 percent death, 50 percent injured, and 5 percent uninjured
• 40 mph (64 km per hour) impact speeds: 85 percent death and 15 percent injured.