Slow Speed in Residential Communities


January 1st, 2015

Dear Mayor Nenshi,

Re: Request to review and reduce speed in residential communities.

The residents of Calgary request the City of Calgary to reduce legal speed in residential communities improve safety and improve liveability where we live and where our children walk to school and play.

We also request that enforcement which includes speed cameras and higher penalties be implemented for those who do not comply with the marked speed. We are aware that impact speeds at 50k and over greatly increases the chance of serious injury or death, and find this unacceptable on residential streets.

• 20 mph (32 km per hour) impact speeds: 5 percent death, 65 percent injured, and 30 percent uninjured
• 30 mph (48 km per hour) impact speeds: 45 percent death, 50 percent injured, and 5 percent uninjured
• 40 mph (64 km per hour) impact speeds: 85 percent death and 15 percent injured.


We, the undersigned, request that the legal speed on residential streets in Calgary be REDUCED from the current 50km/hr unless otherwise marked, as evidence that slower speed saves lives. We also request that technology and design be incorporated in Calgary to discourage speed and enforce the lowered speed limit.

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