Safer Calgary Mandate

The Safer Calgary coalition is a broad alliance of individuals and groups representing a common interest of decreasing the potential for preventable harm and death in the city of Calgary.

We do this by:

  • Gaining and maintaining a comprehensive understanding of the factors that contribute to or prevent harm and death. This understanding will be supported by careful measurement and monitoring of key processes and outcomes with regular reports of this evolving understanding being offered to the community at large.
  • Recommending, initiating and reporting on coordinated activities that target gaps and opportunities uncovered in the evolving understanding of preventing harm in Calgary.
  • Mobilizing institutions, organizations, local communities, neighbourhoods and individual families and citizens.
  • Using expertise and understanding to build community and institutional capacity so that they are more resilient and more able to assist in the development of individual resilience.
  • Ensuring the diverse array of individuals in our community are able to access the knowledge and skills to keep themselves, their families and their communities safe.
  • Importing effective initiatives, knowledge and experience from outside the Calgary community for delivery in our city.
  • Contributing to a safe global community by leading and participating in activities rooted in the national and international community.

Safer Calgary will always know:

  • Where Calgary stands
  • Where Calgary needs to go
  • How to find the path to get there

Safer Calgary is concerned with upholding Calgary’s commitment to the safety and health of its own people and its place in the global community.