Slow the Frack Down

Safer streets and slower speeds has never been attack on an individual or on someone’s rights, but a movement to adjust to a community that was never designed for deadly missiles as a part of the infrastructure. It is a motion to protect people we love, in an environment that is no longer friendly to the people who are not in cars.

Consider this for a moment.  I am to encourage my 6 year old to partake in physical activity; boarding, skating, walking, cycling… but I do so knowing that he has a 50% or less chance of survival, never mind permanent injury if he should somehow “interact” with one of the 8,000 + cars that whiz by him during the day. Reality is, if he is struck by a vehicle, he will likely die and most certainly be terribly injured. He is playing on streets zoned for less than 1,000 vehicles, but are in fact 8,000 or more per day. With speeds in excess of 50km/hr? The odds are not good, and no upside in it for me as a parent to take the chance.

Do you think I am going to allow him, as a 6 year old, to be physically active in my community?

No. Not a hope. I am not prepared to play the odds, thank you very much.

And maybe you don’t care. Maybe you care only about yourself and achieving what it is, what ever it is, you wish to do. Well here’s the thing. If you are trying to get somewhere faster, you are SOL. Your road rage, on road bullying will land approximately 1.8 seconds ahead of me when you stop at the next light. And I will look at you, me in my sports sedan, cruising at 40k and I will glare at you, because you, you are an arshole.

I have been politically correct, patient and kind, but another boy was stuck on our streets in the most unacceptable of circumstances, and I am done with being being polite, patient and kind.

Its physics, GodDamnIt and 50km/hr is not safe for pedestrians on streets where people walk and children play. Period.


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